Health is a state of complete physical , mental , & social wellbeing . For a healthy lifestyle, a person should have a healthy balanced diet , regularly exercise , pleasant sleep of 8 hours & maintain good hygiene habits.

At HealthIndia Tpa we re-evaluate “wellness” at a multidimensional approach of physical , mental & social wellbeing & relate to it terms of corporate wellness ,engagement and productivity. Corporate wellness is the seed you sow now and reap the benefits of overall employee satisfaction forever , this is a small effort that takes the firm a long way . Our wellness platform is flexible and customized for our clients

Our mission is to improve the health of employees by lowering healthcare costs, increase productivity, decrease absenteeism . We commit to have a strong focus on your employees by promoting health awareness programs. We believe the key to successful program is engagement & highest employee participation. Preventive healthcare means the measures taken to prevent diseases rather than treating them later , avoiding or slowing the course of disease which is essential for a good quality life and thus to increase the lifespan .Our Pan India wellness network of 350 + healthcare providers consist of Hospitals , Diagnostic centres & Wellness Clinics .

Components of Wellness Program :-

We follow integrated preventive healthcare system which will create awareness, allow screening &diagnose the disease at the right time .